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The original arm of the club and now in it's second coming.


Founded with the Under 18 youth team in 2000 the club started with the aim to increase participation in football and give the youth of the time an alternative to going straight into adult football. After season one the older players progressed into the adult arm of the club, and likewise with season two. There was always another set of players stepping up to fill the gaps.


After claiming the City of Southampton Youth League Division Three Title in 2002/03, during the clubs most successful season (see the honours board or hyperlink to the page) it seemed these gaps could not be filled and therefore the youth side of things became no more. Some could say it had a fitting end by lifting a trophy in our final year.


Fast forward to 2016 and the club creates a brand new U15 side in the Mid Solent League, with half the players playing a year up it was always going to be a challenging task. Thankfully it was one the squad rose to and progressively improved despite the task being made harder by the quality of opposition they would face as teams fell out a divisions were merged. A bit like the previous incarnation the club came close to winning a trophy in it's third year, finishing runner up in division 2 of the U16 league. Those players who had spent a couple of years playing a year up excelled when back in their own age range.


The U18 are still running and from 2019 will be joined by the youngest side ever created, more on this to come as the club creates more #historymakers 



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